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Name Afterburners
Name (short) Afterburners
xws afterburners
yasb 105
Type Modification
Limited 0
Cost 6
Hyperspace Yes
Restriction SMALL SHIP
Charge 2
Charge (Recur) No
Text After you fully execute a speed 3-5 maneuver, you may spend 1 g to perform a b action, even while stressed.
Availability X-Wing Second Edition
Fang Fighter Expansion Pack
Servants of Strife Squadron Pack
Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack
A/SF-01 B-Wing Expansion Pack
TIE/sf Fighter Expansion Pack
Resistance Transport Expansion Pack
Inquisitors' TIE Expansion Pack
Date Hyp Cost
Launch 2018/08/13 No 8
Wave 2 2018/12/13 Yes 8
January 2019 2019/01/28 Yes 6