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I 2 Coaxium Hyperfuel You can perform the s action even while stressed. If you do, you suffer 1 c damage unless you expose 1 of your damage cards. After you partially execute a maneuver, you may expose 1 of your damage cards or suffer 1 c damage to perform a s action.
m 3 Advanced SLAM After you perform a s action, if you fully executed the maneuver, you may perform a white action on your action bar, treating that action as red.
m ??? uOverdrive Thruster While you perform a red b, r, or s action, you must use a template of 1 speed higher, if able.
t - 2 uBlack One After you perform a s action, lose 1 g. Then you may gain 1 ion token to remove 1 disarm token. If your g is inactive, you cannot perform the s action.