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t # 4 uBroken Horn Add W and I slots. If you are damaged, reduce the difficulty if your speed 3-5 maneuvers.
t # 2 uHavoc Remove W slot. Add S and A slots.
t @ 4 uImpetuous Add W slot. After you perform an attack, if the defender was destroyed, you may perform a f or l action.
t # 5 uPunishing One While you perform a primary attack, if the defender is in your {, roll 1 additional attack die. Remove W slot. Add A slot.
t ! 6 uTantive IV Add 2 W slots. While you defend, if the attacker is in your |, you may roll 1 additional defense die.
t @ 8 uVector Add W and G slots. After a ships deploys from you, it may perform a e or b action.