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= . 3 uDBS-32C 40
{2 2 5 0
alr>lj SZmn Networked Calculations At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may spend 1 calculate token to perform a o action. You cannot coordinate ships that do not have the Networked Calculations ship ability.
l @ 3 uLieutenant Sai 47
1 6 4
fioj SCWWmt After you a perform a o action, if the ship you chose performed an action on your action bar, you may perform that action.
V @ 2 u"Vizier" 45
{3 1 6 2
feoj WWm Adaptive Ailerons After you fully execute a speed 1 maneuver using your Adaptive Ailerons ship ability, you may perform a o action. If you do, skip your Perform Action step.


W - 6 uC-3PO While you coordinate, you can choose friendly ships beyond range 2 if they have a on their action bar. After you perform the a or o action, gain 1 calculate token.
W /. 14 uChancellor Palpatine Setup: Equip this side faceup. After you defend, if the attacker is at range 0-2, you may spend 1 F. If you do, the attacker gains 1 stress token. During the End Phase, you may flip this card.
uDarth Sidious After you perform a purple o action, the ship you coordinated gains 1 stress token. Then, it gains 1 focus token or recovers 1 F.
W @ 6 uCiena Ree After you perform a o action, if the ship you coordinated performed a r or b action, it may gain 1 stress token to rotate 90°.
W + 6 uGeneral Hux While you perform a white o action, you may treat it as red. If you do, you may coordinate up to 2 additional ships of the same ship type, and each ship you coordinate must perform the same action, treating that action as red.
W - 4 uLarma D'Acy While you have 2 or fewer stress tokens, you can perform i, o, and j actions, even while stressed. While you perform a white i, o, or j action, if you are stressed, treat that action as red.
F / 0:0 1:2 2:4 3:6 4:8 5:10 6:12 Battle Meditation You cannot coordinate limited ships. While you perform a purple o action, you may coordinate 1 additional friendly non-limited ship of the same type. Both ships must perform the same action.
T 8 Comms Team After you perform a o action, you may spend up to 2 ( to coordinate that many additional ships at range 0-1 of the ship you coordinated.
t @ 4 uST-321 After you perform a o action, you may choose an enemy ship at range 0-3 of the ship you coordinated. If you do, acquire a lock on that enemy ship, ignoring range restrictions.