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SWX74 Wave XIV (1st Ed) Saw's Renegades Expansion Pack
SWX75 Wave XIV (1st Ed) TIE Reaper Expansion Pack
SWZ01 Core Set X-Wing Second Edition
SWZ04 Wave I Lando's Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack
SWZ05 Accessories Dice Pack
SWZ06 Wave I Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit
SWZ07 Wave I Galactic Empire Conversion Kit
SWZ08 Wave I Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit
SWZ09 Accessories Rebel Alliance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit
SWZ10 Accessories Galactic Empire Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit
SWZ11 Accessories Scum and Villainy Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit
SWZ12 Wave I T-65 X-Wing Expansion Pack
SWZ13 Wave I BTL-A4 Y-Wing Expansion Pack
SWZ14 Wave I TIE/ln Fighter Expansion Pack
SWZ15 Wave I TIE Advanced x1 Expansion Pack
SWZ16 Wave I Slave I Expansion Pack
SWZ17 Wave I Fang Fighter Expansion Pack
SWZ18 Wave II First Order Conversion Kit
SWZ19 Wave II Resistance Conversion Kit
SWZ20 Accessories First Order Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit
SWZ21 Accessories Resistance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit
SWZ22 Wave II RZ-2 A-Wing Expansion Pack
SWZ23 Wave II Mining Guild TIE Expansion Pack
SWZ25 Wave II T-70 X-Wing Expansion Pack
SWZ26 Wave II TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack
SWZ27 Wave IV TIE/vn Silencer Expansion Pack
SWZ29 Wave III Servants of Strife Squadron Pack
SWZ30 Wave III Sith Infiltrator Expansion Pack
SWZ31 Wave III Vulture-class Droid Fighter Expansion
SWZ32 Wave III Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack
SWZ33 Wave III ARC-170 Starfighter Expansion Pack
SWZ34 Wave III Delta-7 Aethersprite Expansion Pack
SWZ35 Accessories Separatist Alliance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit
SWZ36 Accessories Galactic Republic Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit
SWZ37 Wave III Z-95-AF4 Headhunter Expansion Pack
SWZ38 Wave III TIE/sk Striker Expansion Pack
SWZ39 Wave IV Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack
SWZ40 Wave IV Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter Expansion Pack
SWZ41 Wave IV Hyena-class Droid Bomber Expansion Pack
SWZ42 Wave IV A/SF-01 B-Wing Expansion Pack
SWZ43 Wave IV VT-49 Decimator Expansion Pack
SWZ44 Wave IV TIE/sf Fighter Expansion Pack
SWZ45 Wave IV Resistance Transport Expansion Pack
SWZ46 Accessories Deluxe Movement Tools and Range Ruler
SWZ47 Wave V Nantex-class Starfighter Expansion Pack
SWZ48 Wave V BTL-B Y-Wing Expansion Pack
SWZ49 Wave V Ghost Expansion Pack
SWZ50 Wave V Inquisitors' TIE Expansion Pack
SWZ51 Wave V Punishing One Expansion Pack
SWZ52 Wave V M3-A Interceptor Expansion Pack
SWZ53 Huge Ships Huge Ship Conversion Kit
SWZ55 Huge Ships Tantive IV Expansion Pack
SWZ56 Huge Ships C-ROC Cruiser Expansion Pack
SWZ57 Huge Ships Epic Battles Multiplayer Expansion
SWZ58 Wave VI Hound's Tooth Expansion Pack
SWZ59 Wave VI TIE/in Interceptor Expansion Pack
SWZ60 Wave VI TIE/D Defender Expansion Pack
SWZ61 Wave VI RZ-1 A-Wing Expansion Pack
SWZ62 Wave VI Major Vonreg's TIE Expansion Pack
SWZ63 Wave VI Fireball Expansion Pack
SWZ64 Card Pack Never Tell Me the Odds Obstacles Pack
SWZ65 Card Pack Fully Loaded Devices Pack
SWZ66 Card Pack Hotshots and Aces Reinforcements Pack
SWZ67 Wave VII TIE/rb Heavy Expansion Pack
SWZ68 Wave VII Heralds of Hope Squadron Pack
SWZ69 Wave VII Xi-class Light Shuttle Expansion Pack
SWZ70 Wave VII LAAT/i Gunship Expansion Pack
SWZ71 Wave VII HMP Droid Gunship Expansion Pack
SWZ72 Accessories Rebel Alliance Damage Deck
SWZ73 Accessories Galactic Empire Damage Deck
SWZ74 Accessories Scum and Villainy Damage Deck
SWZ75 Accessories Resistance Damage Deck
SWZ76 Accessories First Order Damage Deck
SWZ77 Accessories Galactic Republic Damage Deck
SWZ78 Accessories Separatist Alliance Damage Deck
SWZ79 Wave VIII Eta-2 Actis Expansion Pack
SWZ80 Wave VIII Nimbus-class V-Wing Expansion Pack
SWZ81 Wave VIII Droid Tri-Fighter Expansion Pack
SWZ82 Wave VIII Jango Fett's Slave I Expansion Pack
SWZ83 Wave IX Phoenix Cell Squadron Pack
SWZ84 Wave IX Skystrike Academy Squadron Pack
SWZ85 Wave IX Fugitives and Collaborators Squadron Pack
SWZ86 BTA-NR2 Y-wing Expansion Pack
SWZ87 Fury of the First Order Expansion Pack
SWZ88 Huge Ships Trident-class Assault Ship

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