built: 2021.09.25 19:32:41

Name Unexploded Ordnance
Obstacles 5 Obstacles
Devices 1 Bomblet, 1 Ion Bomb, 1 Proton Bomb, 1 Seismic Charge

In player order, players take turns choosing an obstacle or device and placing it into the play area until all obstacles and devices have been placed.

  • Obstacles must be placed beyond range 1 of each other obstacle, beyond range 0 of each other object, and beyond range 2 of each edge of the play area.
  • Devices must be placed at range 1 of an obstacle, beyond range 1 of each other device, and beyond range 1 of each edge of the play area. After a device is placed, place 2 fuse markers on it.
Special Rule

During the End Phase, for each Bomb device in the play area, roll 1 attack die. On a f result, add 2 fuse markers to that device. On a d result, remove 1 fuse marker from that device. On a c result, remove all fuse markers from that device.

Availability Fully Loaded Devices Pack