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Name Discord Missiles
Name (short) Discord Msls
xws discordmissiles
yasb 224
Type Missile
Limited 3
Cost 4
Hyperspace Yes
Restriction SEPARATIST
Charge 1
Charge (Recur) No
Text At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may spend 1 calculate token and 1 g to launch 1 buzz droid swarm using the [3 7], [3 8], or [3 9] template. This card's g cannot be recovered.
Availability Vulture-class Droid Fighter Expansion
Date Hyp Cost
Wave 3 2019/03/21 Yes 6
July 2019 2019/07/10 Yes 4
Name Buzz Droid Swarm
Faction Separatist Alliance
Initiative 0
Agility 3
Hull 1
Text After an enemy ship moves through or overlaps you, relocate to its front or rear guides (you are at range 0 of this ship). You cannot overlap an object this way. If you cannot be placed at either set of guides, you and that ship each suffer 1 d damage. Engagement Phase: At your initiative, each enemy ship at range 0 suffers 1 c damage.