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Name Static Discharge Vanes
Name (short) Static Discharge Va
xws staticdischargevanes
yasb 109
Type Modification
Limited 0
Cost 8
Hyperspace Yes
Text Before you would gain 1 ion or jam token, if you are not stressed, you may choose another ship at range 0-1 and gain 1 stress token. If you do, the chosen ship gains that ion or jam token instead.
Availability Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit
Galactic Empire Conversion Kit
Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit
First Order Conversion Kit
Resistance Conversion Kit
Mining Guild TIE Expansion Pack
Servants of Strife Squadron Pack
Guardians of the Republic Squadron Pack
Date Hyp Cost
Launch 2018/08/13 No 6
Wave 2 2018/12/13 Yes 6
January 2019 2019/01/28 Yes 8