built: 2021.12.20 21:45:00

Paste squad (xws or yasb URL) here, and press Submit.

To use this from your web app:
POST to https://xhud.sirjorj.com/xwing.cgi/squad2?format=json with your xws or yasb as a key called squad.
What is returned depends on which attributes are set.

NOTE: 'image' is currently not working

xws XWS text of the squad (NOTE: this is generated by libxwing and may not match the input xws - if you input xws without costs, this will have them)
yasb YASB URL of squad (NOTE: this is generated by libxwing)
lj Pretty-printed list in the style of List Juggler
validate Validate the list and print any issues
image A squad image (PNG) generated by xhud in Base64
Get Everything https://xhud.sirjorj.com/xwing.cgi/squad2?format=json&xws=1&yasb=1&lj=1&validate=1&image=1
Validate and LJ https://xhud.sirjorj.com/xwing.cgi/squad2?format=json&lj=1&validate=1&image=1