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w - 3 uJessika Pava 51
{3 2 4 3 1`
flb XAmnt Weapon Hardpoint While you defend or perform an attack, you may spend 1 g or 1 non-recurring g from your equipped A upgrade to reroll up to 1 of your dice for each other friendly ship at range 0-1.


m 3 Spare Parts Canisters Action: Spend 1 g to recover 1 charge on one of your equipped A upgrades. Action: Spend 1 g to drop 1 spare parts, then break all locks assigned to you.
t # 2 uHavoc Remove W slot. Add S and A slots.
t # 5 uPunishing One While you perform a primary attack, if the defender is in your {, roll 1 additional attack die. Remove W slot. Add A slot.