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Name Kanan Jarrus
Name (short) Kanan Jarrus
xws kananjarrus
yasb 62
Subtitle Spectre-1
Limited 1
Faction Rebel Alliance
Ship VCX-100 Light Freighter
Base Size Large
Cost 84
Hyperspace No
Initiative 3
Attack {4
Agility 0
Hull 10
Shield 4
Force 2
Force (Recur) Yes
Ship Ability Tail Gun: While you have a docked ship, you have a primary | weapon with an attack value equal to your docked ship's primary { attack value.
Has Ability Yes
Text While a friendly ship in your firing arc defends, you may spend 1 F. If you do, the attacker rolls 1 fewer attack die.
Actions fli
Upgrades FSUPWWYmt
Availability Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit
Ghost Expansion Pack