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Name Kylo Ren
Name (short) Kylo Ren
xws kyloren
yasb 236
Subtitle Tormented Apprentice
Limited 1
Faction First Order
Ship TIE/vn Silencer
Base Size Small
Cost 76
Hyperspace Yes
Initiative 5
Attack {3
Agility 3
Hull 4
Shield 2
Force 2
Force (Recur) Yes
Ship Ability Autothrusters: After you perform an action, you may perform a red r or red b action.
Has Ability Yes
Text After you defend, you may spend 1 F to assign the I'll Show You the Dark Side condition to the attacker.
Actions flrb
Upgrades FXPM
Availability First Order Conversion Kit
TIE/vn Silencer Expansion Pack