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Name Captain Feroph
Name (short) Capt Feroph
xws captainferoph
yasb 184
Subtitle Imperial Courier
Limited 1
Faction Galactic Empire
Ship TIE Reaper
Base Size Medium
Cost 47
Hyperspace Yes
Initiative 3
Attack {3
Agility 1
Hull 6
Shield 2
Ship Ability Adaptive Ailerons: Before you reveal your dial, if you are not stressed, you must execute a white [1 7], [1 8], or [1 9] maneuver.
Has Ability Yes
Text While you defend, if the attacker does not have any green tokens, you may change 1 of your blank or f results to an e result.
Actions feoj
Upgrades EWWm
Availability TIE Reaper Expansion Pack