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Name Imdaar Test Pilot
Name (short) Imdaar Test Plt
xws imdaartestpilot
yasb 202
Limited 0
Faction Galactic Empire
Ship TIE/ph Phantom
Base Size Small
Cost 43
Hyperspace No
Initiative 3
Attack {3
Agility 2
Hull 3
Shield 2
Ship Ability Stygium Array: After you decloak, you may perform an e action. At the start of the End Phase, you may spend 1 evade token to gain 1 cloak token.
Has Ability No
Text The primary result of a hidden research facility on Imdaar Alpha, the TIE phantom achieves what many thought was impossible: a small starfighter equipped with an advanced cloaking device.
Actions ferk
Upgrades SYm
Availability Galactic Empire Conversion Kit