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Name Scimitar Squadron Pilot
Name (short) Scimitar Sq Plt
xws scimitarsquadronpilot
yasb 208
Limited 0
Faction Galactic Empire
Ship TIE/sa Bomber
Base Size Small
Cost 30
Hyperspace Yes
Initiative 2
Attack {2
Agility 2
Hull 6
Shield 0
Ship Ability Nimble Bomber: If you would drop a device using a 8 template, you may use a 7 or 9 template of the same speed instead.
Has Ability No
Text The TIE/sa is exceptionally nimble for a bomber, allowing it to pinpoint its target while avoiding excessive collateral damage to the surrounding area.
Actions flr>l=
Upgrades PMMYBBm
Availability Galactic Empire Conversion Kit