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Name Jessika Pava
Name (short) Jessika Pava
xws jessikapava
yasb 296
Subtitle The Great Destroyer
Limited 1
Faction Resistance
Ship T-70 X-wing
Base Size Small
Cost 52
Hyperspace Yes
Initiative 3
Attack {3
Agility 2
Hull 4
Shield 3
Charge 1
Charge (Recur) Yes
Ship Ability Weapon Hardpoint: You can equip 1 C, P, or M upgrade.
Has Ability Yes
Text While you defend or perform an attack, you may spend 1 g or 1 non-recurring g from your equipped A upgrade to reroll up to 1 of your dice for each other friendly ship at range 0-1.
Actions flb
Upgrades XAmnt
Availability Resistance Conversion Kit
T-70 X-Wing Expansion Pack