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Name Fenn Rau
Name (short) Fenn Rau
xws fennrau-sheathipedeclassshuttle
Subtitle Reluctant Rebel
Limited 1
Faction Rebel Alliance
Ship Sheathipede-class Shuttle
Base Size Small
Cost 52
Hyperspace No
Initiative 6
Attack {2
Agility 2
Hull 4
Shield 1
Ship Ability Comms Shuttle: While you are docked, your carrier ship gains o. Before your carrier ship activates, it may perform a o action.
Has Ability Yes
Text After an enemy ship in your firing arc engages, if you are not stressed, you may gain 1 stress token. If you do, that ship cannot spend tokens to modify dice while it performs an attack during this phase.
Actions fo
Upgrades EWAmt
Availability Rebel Alliance Conversion Kit