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Name Black Sun Assassin
Name (short) Black Sun Assassin
xws blacksunassassin
yasb 150
Limited 0
Faction Scum and Villainy
Ship StarViper-class Attack Platform
Base Size Small
Cost 48
Hyperspace Yes
Initiative 3
Attack {3
Agility 3
Hull 4
Shield 1
Ship Ability Microthrusters: While you perform a barrel roll, you must use the 7 or 9 template instead of the 8 template.
Has Ability No
Text Although assassinations can be handled with a shot in the dark or a dire substance added to a drink, a flaming shuttle tumbling from the sky sends a special kind of message.
Actions flr>fb>f
Upgrades ESPmt
Availability Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit