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Name Sarco Plank
Name (short) Sarco Plank
xws sarcoplank
yasb 141
Subtitle The Scavenger
Limited 1
Faction Scum and Villainy
Ship Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug
Base Size Small
Cost 34
Hyperspace No
Initiative 2
Attack {2
Agility 2
Hull 5
Shield 0
Ship Ability Spacetug Tractor Array: Action: Choose a ship in your { at range 1. That ship gains 1 tractor token, or 2 tractor tokens if it is in your } at range 1.
Has Ability Yes
Text While you defend, you may treat your agility value as equal to the speed of the maneuver you executed this round.
Actions fer
Upgrades XWBIm
Availability Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit