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Name Constable Zuvio
Name (short) Constable Zuvio
xws constablezuvio
yasb 140
Subtitle Missing Sheriff of Nima Outpost
Limited 1
Faction Scum and Villainy
Ship Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug
Base Size Small
Cost 35
Hyperspace No
Initiative 4
Attack {2
Agility 2
Hull 5
Shield 0
Ship Ability Spacetug Tractor Array: Action: Choose a ship in your { at range 1. That ship gains 1 tractor token, or 2 tractor tokens if it is in your } at range 1.
Has Ability Yes
Text If you would drop a device, you may launch it using a [1 8] template instead.
Actions fer
Upgrades EXWBIm
Availability Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit