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Name Old Teroch
Name (short) Old Teroch
xws oldteroch
yasb 98
Subtitle Mandalorian Mentor
Limited 1
Faction Scum and Villainy
Ship Fang Fighter
Base Size Small
Cost 56
Hyperspace Yes
Initiative 5
Attack {3
Agility 3
Hull 4
Shield 0
Ship Ability Concordia Faceoff: While you defend, if the attack range is 1 and you are in the attacker's {, change 1 result to an e result.
Has Ability Yes
Text At the start of the Engagement Phase, you may choose 1 enemy ship at range 1. If you do and you are in its {, it removes all of its green tokens.
Actions flr>fb>f
Upgrades EP
Availability Scum and Villainy Conversion Kit
Fang Fighter Expansion Pack