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Command Pod Casualties Ship Assign 1 stress token to 1 friendly small or large ship. Then your opponent may assign 1 stress token to 1 of your small or large ships. Then flip this card facedown.
Engine Damage Ship When you execute a maneuver, if the speed of that maneuver plus the number of faceup "Engine Damage" cards you have equals or exceeds 5, you must skip your "Perform Action" step this round.
Projector Power Failure Ship You cannot perform the reinforce action unless you have at least 3 energy.
Reactor Cowl Rupture Ship When you perform a recover action, you cannot recover more than 2 shields. You must still spend all of your energy.
Reactor Leak Ship When you execute a maneuver, reduce the amount of energy you gain by 1 (to a minimum of 0).