built: 2023.07.08 09:31:13

Hull Breach Ship Place 1 of your Upgrade cards under this card. You cannot use that Upgrade card while this card is faceup. Energy: Spend 2 energy to flip this card facedown.
Scrambled Scopes Ship You cannot perform the target lock action or acquire a target lock. Action: Roll 1 attack die. On a d or c result, flip this card facedown.
Secondary Drive Failure Ship You must spend 1 energy to perform any action.
Spilled Cargo Ship Discard 1 G Upgrade card, then place 1 container token touching you. If you have no equipped G Upgrade cards or no container tokens, this section suffers 1 damage. Then flip this card facedown.
Viewport Rupture Ship Discard 1 of your W or T Upgrade cards. Then flip this card facedown.