built: 2023.07.08 09:31:13

Initiative e77e29
Cost 41bef0
Attack ed3638
Agility 6abe46
Hull f0e531
Shield 82d1e1
Charge fdbf10
Force c4a0ca
Energy e71583
Stress ec1f21
Neutral ffffff
Destress 1e90ff
Rebel (Fore) cb120e
Rebel (Back) b3b5ad
Imperial (Fore) d6d6dd
Imperial (Back) 204e78
Scum (Fore) b3b5ad
Scum (Back) 253a21
Resistance (Fore) d87325
Resistance (Back) 404040
FirstOrder (Fore) b42828
FirstOrder (Back) 393a39
Republic (Fore) eff3f3
Republic (Back) 6c160f
Separatist (Fore) 20308d
Separatist (Back) d6d8d7
Rebel Arc (Light) df1e25
Rebel Arc (Dark) 3a1212
Imperial Arc (Light) 6bb945
Imperial Arc (Dark) 12391d
Scum Arc (Light) f4d118
Scum Arc (Dark) 3e3415
Resistance Arc (Light) e02027
Resistance Arc (Dark) 331111
FirstOrder Arc (Light) 64b646
FirstOrder Arc (Dark) 12371c
Republic Arc (Light) 4faddd
Republic Arc (Dark) 174661
Separatist Arc (Light) f59d29
Separatist Arc (Dark) 793d1a
Rebel Dial 822819
Imperial Dial 35393d
Scum Dial 3f3a27
Resistance Dial e5653a
First Order Dial 32291f

These come from a number of sources, including the official squadbuilder site, images from official site, and scans I made. If you have more accurate colors or additional ones that I forgot, please let me know! :)